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These files were created between 1996-1999 on a Performa 7200. We can attempt to answer any questions you have, but support is limited as we no longer have equipment to test this software on.

WorldzOne of the best HyperCard RPGs available; features companion characters, dozens of enemies, weapons, and armor.

Stack NameDescription
AertarooA text based game in which you are an elf, attempting to gain the respect of your fellow elves by stealing the coveted "Ivory Rooster". This game is reminiscent of the '80s InfoGames on the Atari computer.
Aertaroo 2Aertaroo 2 is an overhead adventure game in which you control one of the various elves attempting to loot the townspeople to recover the stolen "Golden Monkey".
DinosMove your stegosaurus in an attmept to catch as much falling fruit as possible in a given amount of time, playing for high score. Simple and surprisingly fun.
Peg FighterA simple, but funny, street fighting game. You control Rover the dog and battle against the blatently stupid Harrelson.
Peg Fighter IITen fighters, tons of other hidden fighters, combos, color in all versions of HC, and optional blood and fatalities.
WCW NitroWrestling game featuring stars from the WCW and nWo. Requires 256 colors.
Worldz IIAbsolutely the best HyperCard RPG to date. It continues the storyline from the original, and includes character voices. It requires Apple's text-to-speech software (Included with System 7.5.3 and up and HC 2.3 and up) and HyperCard or HC Player 2.3 or newer.