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Klepto Software was founded in 1995 by a group of then-highshool students in Roanoke, VA. This website was created in June of 1998.
Active Members:
  • SirYoink -    Programming
  • Airashna - Concept Artist

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02/04/15 - DBZ Bugfix Public Release

A patch is being released today to resolve bugs introduced in the 1.01 patch for DBZ: Legend of the Saiyans. Go here to download it.

02/03/15 - Is this thing on?

Site is back online after our former url redirect service at r8.org went offline over a year ago. Actual updates to follow soon.

Huge congrats to Gideon Zhi over at AGTP for releasing a completed version of Dark Half. Always wished I'd had time to finish this myself, but it seems I hardly even find time to play games in the past few years, much less work on them. My backlog still has games from 2011 in it.

Several parties had expressed interest in Dark Half before, but none with any large releases under their belts, and I had commented on a forum some time ago that there was only one hacker currently active I would want to see pick this game up. When Gideon Zhi asked about working on this game, I was glad to green-light him do it. I discussed the game with him a few times during development, and while I haven't had much time to play with the finished product, it looks very good.

My XNA project was converted to PC-only back in early 2013, as the XBOX indie games scene was pushed into almost non-existance. It is currently on hold.

06/03/12 - Dragon Ball Z Bugfix Patch

Like the title says, a patch is being released to address the bugs found in the release of Legend of the Super Saiyans. This patch addresses known bugs reported in the year since the patch was released, including a game crash that would occur when using the Spirit Ball attack.

06/12/11 - Power Level: Over 9000!!!
DH Font

Well over 10 years since the project started, and 8 years since the last release, today marks the completion of the SNES translation for Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyans!

Work on this game was stalled for a long time. If only the tools I have today were available ten years ago! A complete rewrite of the script and some assembly-level changes took so much less time then anything that was done with this game back then. I hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as I'm going to enjoy having this project off my plate!

06/09/11 - Dark Half v.60 WIP

For anyone playing thru the WIP builds of Dark Half, or anyone who wants to help in bug testing, here's the latest release!

The game is largely playable at this point, with half the dialogue reinserted and a majority of item and enemy names now viewable. This version also shows off the long-awaited font replacement! Aside from remaining dialogue, name expansion is the only thing left on my to-do list. My current goal is to finish this within a year, contingent on how our XBOX/XNA projects progress.

06/08/11 - Once it's on the internet, it's there forever.

Back for today's update with proof-positive on how true this statement is! Back in mid-1999, I posted a simple Donkey Kong graphics hack on my old Geocities page. The hack was long gone and forgotten, but I searched for it this week. Google found 2000+ rom sites that had the thing available!

A simple hack to be sure, but it seems to be incredibly widespread, so might as well own up making the thing. Here today, for your playing enjoyment (and I use the term loosely), I present... Elf Kong!

06/07/11 - Coming to Xbox Live...

Hi again! First big announcement of the week! For the past several months, Klepto Software has been working on several games for the XBOX360 game console. I'm adding a XBOX360 page to this site to post info on our own projects, as well as some joint projects that will be announced in the future. I've posted some screenshots from one of our first games, Dino-Bite! , on the XBOX360 page. We're looking at a Q1 2012 release in the XBOX360 Indie games library. More screenshots and videos will be posted as development continues.

06/06/11 - A quest few are prepared for, and fewer still survive...
DH Font

Here's a screenshot for anyone following the progress on Dark Half! I've changed the game's font routine to support 8x16 text and implemented a slightly modified version of the Link to the Past font. All future releases will feature this font. Post any comments in the forums!

06/05/11 - Klepto Software 13th Birthday Spectacular!

I've been keeping really busy this past month. This week marks the 13th anniversary of this site, and to celebrate, I'm going to be posting updates throughout this week!

Expect a few huge surprise announcements, previews, and maybe even a release. Stay tuned! Same Klepto-time, same Klepto-channel.